Herbalife really changed me! Within 4 months, i'm already 9kilos lighter! and now i'm losing more and more! It's such an unbelivable experience! Reach me now! and i will share you my secrets! Remember, good products will only work with good way of consumption. Call or email me, and i will guide you with what are the products in Herbalife that really suit your need. Hold no more and prepare for better days coming your way

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Formula 1

Formula 1 (550g)
*Balanced nutrition daily
*Giving energy and reduce hunger
*90-250 calories per meal
*Give you all 55 vitamins and mineral and acid amino
*Rich with fiber

*Come with 5 flavour : Chocolate, Cappucinno, French vanilla, Strawberry, Tropical Fruit.

Formula 3 - Shape Your Body

Formula 3 (240g)

*5 gram non fat protein in each scoop
*Curb hunger
*Give you sistina, metionina to build muscle mass
*Increase metabolism
*Reduce weight faster

Tea Mix Increase Metabolisme to Burn Calories

Tea Mix 1 (50g) or (100g)
1.Increase fat metobalism to burn calory and fat Increase energy
2.Decrease appetite
3.Powerful antioxidants
4.Natural detoxcifications

* This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

How can you lose weight so fast ?

Taking Tea Mix helps you burn calories similar to doing earobic in 20 minutes. If your metobolism rate is high, you will lose weight faster because high metobolism helps your burn fat faster. So choose the correct colourful meal during this program.

How is the intake ?

Replace your normal 2 meals with the delicious Shake and eat as usual once every day. Take the Tea Mix 3-4 cups a day and you will lose all your stubborn fat, get the ideal body weight and you will be quaranteed feel Healthier.

I started as a Herbalife user to lose my weight. But now i'm active as independent distributor and it was so convenient. I am happy I have made the right choice to reduce weight and make herbalife as a solution. As you can see, I love food too much and love cooking and it is about time I need to reduce my weight for an optimum BMI (Body Mass Index). From the BMI chart, I am considered overweight but thank god not obese yet.

First time I heard from my sister friend that herbalife can help to lose weight I not believe it at all. At that time my friend sister just consumes herbalife for 1 week and she told me she lose weight 2kg. I’m very shocked but just want to see her progress then i started search info about herbalife and read success stories from testimonies. After 4 month she consumes with herbalife I saw her body get slimmer and she already lost 6kg and the amazing result is, she has pregnant after 8 years waiting. So i have decided to start with herbalife and now I believed “herbalife is very amazing”.
( I’ve attach my sister friend picture before and after herbalife).

So I bought Formula 1 nutritional shake of dutch chocolate flavor to replace my daily meals. I take 3 scoop (paras) with 250ml of water to replace my lunch and dinner. As of today, I have already lost 9kg after almost 4month of drinking herbalife shake. And it is delicious and not so sweet at all.

I join herbalife and only paid RM98 for the business pack with distributor license and form to get more valuable price. By the way, F1 nutritional shake mix is the bestseller product of the company to help people reduce weight.

Herbalife was founded in 1980, a company that sells weight-loss, nutrition and skin-care products by multi-level marketing, also known as network marketing. In February 1980, Mark Hughes began selling the original Herbalife weight loss product from the trunk of his car. Mark started Herbalife with the help of physicians including a Nobel peace price winner for medicine after much research for the supplements. Herbalife started when Mark Hughes saw his own mother died at the young age of 36 due to efforts trying to lose weight from unworkable and sub-quality weight loss programs. The company now has grown by leaps and bounds, spread in 60 countries with multi-billion dollar profit.

If you like to lose weight while earning money at the same time and to discuss about price drop me an email at
emerald_intan@yahoo.com or text me at 0199215404 / 0192724314.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Sister's Friend Before Herbalife

  • This is my sister friend 'kak ida'.
  • Before she take herbalife her weight 70kg.

My Sister's Friend After Herbalife

After consumed herbalife about 6 months she was success reduces her weight to 59kg and also pregnant her 1st baby. It was so amazing because she was not only loosing her weight but also get pregnant after 8 years married.